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The purpose of this workshop is to explore the perspectives of DSL architecting and DSL-based architectures in research and industry. DSLs (domain-specific languages) are software languages specifically tailored to the needs of a particular problem or application domain. The promise of DSLs is that domain experts (from technical as well as non-technical domains) can understand, validate, modify, test, and sometimes even develop models and programs using DSLs.

The development and application of DSLs have been steadily picking up momentum for the last two decades.  Today, DSLs come in many flavors (e.g., domain-specific modeling languages, DSMLs; Architecture DSLs, ADSLs; configuration languages) and have been successfully applied in numerous application domains. DSLs play an important role in software-engineering methodologies such as model-driven software development and software product-line engineering. However, despite their growing popularity, there is only little documented evidence and reflection on DSL-related architectural knowledge and DSL-based architectures (e.g., architectural design decisions, architectural styles & patterns, architecture documentation).

The International Workshop on DSL Architecting and DSL-based Architectures (DADA'14), which is co-located with ECSA'14 , aims at filling this gap. Read more!

Invited Talk

We are happy to announce that Markus Völter  has agreed on giving a keynote at the workshop. Read more!

Workshop Proceedings

The DADA proceedings  are now available as a part of the joint ECSA Workshop Proceedings in the ACM Digital Library!

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